Bad pickup lines at the Expo

This article will only be in English, because of the source of this brain blob. In a talk with an American friend who shall remain nameless, we came to talk about pickuplines and being someone’s wingman – also known as a sidekick.

In the old days, back when I was working in the Expo, I enjoyed telling my male colleague (who definitely could use some “female company”) how to approach women and what to say. For the non-dutchees among us; The Expo is a gift shop, which also sells post cards (they go in paperbags – this is relevant for the story!).
When any leggy blonde would walk into the store, I’d give him a couple of pickuplines, that were along the lines of:

  • (Deep voice) “Hey, can I help you… To my number?”
  • “Do you come here often?”
  • “There you are, I’ve been looking for you forever!”
  • “Wow, I reckon your boots would look great on my bedroom floor!” (He has a fetish for boots)
  • (With a fake phone) “Here’s a phone, so I don’t have to ask for your number”
  • (When she buys post cards) “I went ahead and wrote down my number on this paperbag, speak soon!”

I would laugh my ass off, but somehow he didn’t think it was funny… What do you reckon?

Obviously my style is to go cheesy yet charming…

But most important: What’s your favourite / most used pickup line and did it work???

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