Ouch, ouch, ouch… Okay guys, my bum seriously hurts, but… I went snowboarding today!

Just a teeny tiny reminder for everyone that might have forgotten: Maret does not like (winter)sports. Never been on a winterholiday, never felt the need to.

I’ve been to Snowworld once before, when I had my mind set on teaching myself how to snowboard in an afternoon. The agony… Two weeks of black and blue bruises everywhere. That was four years ago, so I questioned myself twice, three times when yesterday Annabelle asked me to come along, snowboarding. But, no work today and in accordance to an adventurous mindset, off we went this morning.

Well, first to have lunch in ZO, Scheveningen, they have great sandwiches, to charge and then off to Zoetermeer. Rented a board and changed outfits. First to get off the kiddies piste safely and I thought ”Oh no, what have I gotten myself into…”

After that, on to a slightly higher hill, because I remembered how to brake and now I needed more space to practise my moves doing curves. That was fun, I didn’t do that bad! Just a short break to –strangily enough- cool down for a bit… Trying to stay on your feet/board is quite tiring!

In the second run we even went to the high piste. I flew off twice and only fell a couple of times! All in all a really nice afternoon and we have to go back again soon, so I can practice some more! I heard there’s great snowy mountains in New Zealand…

Hiya from a minimountain

p.s.  oh, and as an reward, you’re allowed to buy some new headgear and a Burton shirt… Right?

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