Computer crash

Goodmorning everybody!

Right after my vow to update this blog more often, my computer decided to protect you guys from my brainblobs. Total loss…

So, just for you; an update via telephone! All hail the glory of mobile internet!

All is good in my little world. Now that the summerseason is at her end I’m very busy arranging stuff before travelling (motorbike for sale, as are also my bed and diningset, looking for a job in October and November, if anyone knows anyone.. let me in on it, yeah 😀 ?!). I got my backpack, all in all, the first steps have been made!

Did you know you can register for this blog now? Just fill in your email-address on the right of this page, click the link for confirmation and then tell the site you really want to follow my adventures online! That’s all there is to it!

I’ll be back soon, hopefully via a computer, because this is quite a hassle! You’re totally worth it though 😉


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