What is your anthem song?

Someone told me recently what their anthem song was. The number one top 40 song in their country, at the date they were born and it got me thinking. What if everyone has an anthem song? What can you tell by one’s anthem and does it always fit well?

First, what was the definition of “anthem” again? thefreedictionary.com says:


1. A hymn of praise or loyalty.
2. A choral composition having a sacred or moralizing text in English.
3. A modern ballad accompanied by rock music instrumentation. [Middle English anteme, from Old English antefn, from Late Latin antiphona, from Late Greek, from neuter pl. of antiphonos, sounding in answer.

Uf. That’s pretty serious stuff! Lucky for me, Wikipedia has a simpler, and more adequate description of an anthem:

“….more generally, a song (or composition) of celebration, usually acting as a symbol for a distinct group of people.”

Obviously, there’s the national anthems. Funny enough, the Dutch anthem is considered the oldest national anthem, although not officially recognised until 1932, the song was first written down in 1574 and has always been an song of pride and stride throughout Dutch history. (I didn’t know this until just now!)

People like to be aware of other’s anthems, these days. It’s easy to find personal anthems of either celebrities or bloggers all over the world. They choose lyrics, a melody, a feeling to fit their personality. Of course, I could talk about the melancholy of a song, or how some lyrics perfectly fit my -current, mind you!- state of mind. But what if the lyrics, melody and feeling chose you?

I’ve always considered myself a cheerful, curious girl. Looking back in the pophistory of time, it’s easy to find which song was number 1 in the top 40, when I was born. Could this be my anthem? First of all, I’d like to say; 1986 is a good song year in general! Celebratory songs all around, and guess what? The world couldn’t wait for my arrival, as my personal anthem, Dutch number 1 in the top40 when I was born, is the following (seriously, check it out here!)

(also for all kinds of music archives click here to match you anthem with your favourite music style):


5 reacties op ‘What is your anthem song?

  1. Eva schreef:

    Hehe according to the Dutch top 40, my anthem’s either ‘Faith’ by George Michael or ‘My Baby Just Cares For Me’ by Nina Simone. Kinda like it, could be way worse 🙂 (For example, Rick Astley is in the same list twice… Just sayin’ :x)

  2. omg…my top40 tracklist is terrible. Not really classics and a diverse range of songs like Cambodia (Kim Wilde), Ik ben Joep Meloen (Andre van Duin) ..carnaval period heeeey ;), Upside down by Vanessa and some song from Normaal.
    And when I see songs of Abba and the Dolly Dots in the list….I know I’m really getting old ahum….

    Oh wait I discovered one classic; Why do fools fall in love by Diana Ross (maybe my anthem haha and story of my love uh life)

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