Travel Tuesday Starting in Sydney

Just a couple of days after my first Travel-update, here we go with another! I’m still in the same hostel, X Base. It’s a good location for exploring the city (near Darling Harbour and the City Center) and has lots of useful shops nearby.

It’s weird being in a big hostel like this. Most people are to themselves. Internet actually costs money, as does using the laundry-machines!

But! They do lots of activities. For example the Friday Coogee Beach tour. They take everyone that wants to come to Coogee Beach by bus. Over there’s time to chill, have a little dip in that big blue ocean, there’s ballgames and a little bbq. That’s how I got to meet the people I still hang out with! Holly, Joe and Mike. Obviously, I met more people and tried to talk to everyone, but they really stand out for me here. Lovely people. Haven’t been travelling that long yet either, and have a real positive attitude.

It’s been lots of partying since I got here. It’s weird for them that I’m not the all out-getting trashed-not remembering what’s happened the previous night-kind of girl, but they’re getting used to it now. I like my drinks, I like a party, but not 7 nights a week! (I can hear the “BOO”-s coming from the Nalugang right now…)

This weekend has been heaps fun. With a Party Bus on Saturday and a cruise through the Harbour (we passed the Sydney Bridge and the Opera House!) on Sunday, there’s not a dull moment in sight. Yesterday, I met up with Lieve and Stefan. They’re two lovely Dutch people that love Australia so much, that this is their third time here! They’re going for a pretty amazing trip, and if you want to read all about it, just go to their weblog. They had more trouble than me coming to Australia (we left on the same day), and even posted a video about that online! If you want to read their story, just click here.

I started looking for jobs and I’m trying to find a way to stay in Sydney a bit longer. It would be pretty amazing to celebrate the holidays here, wouldn’t it?! I wanted to see all different bits of Sydney, so I went to see Paddy’s Market, Chinatown, Newtown, The Rocks, Kings Cross and Bondi (Beach!). Have been working on that tan a bit…

Just a random fact, first lost item: My towel! I had to change rooms, and move all my stuff to the new room. Somehow I forgot it there, and now it’s gone forever… (don’t worry, I’ve got a new one!)

Click on the picture below to go to the new album I just put online!

Sydney 2010

4 reacties op ‘Travel Tuesday Starting in Sydney

  1. Lieve Maret,

    je bent in een andere wereld gestapt!!
    Sun, beach, city op een plek, net den haag alleen zonder zon.
    Succes met je job finding.
    Ben je al een beetje bruin??
    XX C en C

  2. Annabelle schreef:

    Oke. Leuk dit. Het is nu 6 uur ’s ochtends en ik ben mijn onwijs leuke cadeautjes voor het sinterklaas vieren op de afdeling aan het inpakken.
    Het is nogal frustrerend om daarbij foto’s van jou langs te zien komen met de Harbour Bridge en the Opera house MARET! Daarnaast is de sneeuw hier weg en ligt er nu overal drap en ijs. Ja ik moet dus nog vroeger op om te krabben…niet een van mijn favoriete bezigheden. En partyen? Wat is dat? Dat is iets wat ik me vaag herinner van de zomer! Ik vind het niet gek hoor, dat je dat weer even onder de knie moet krijgen!
    Ik ontbijt nu met zelfgemaakte appelcake..het brood was iets beschimmelder dan ik dacht!
    Schat heel veel plezier en ga op zoek naar het chocoladewinkeltje! (het is een andere dan die guylendingens, het is echt heel klein en zit ergens bijna op een hoek…hij zal toch niet weg zijn!!)

    dikke hollandse kus,

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