Travel Tuesday Second week of Sydneyness

It’s been another week. By this time, I’m in my third hostel, had one night of not-partying and met lots of new people. A plan’s been made, and I’m very much at ease with being here at the moment. Enjoying the great weather, the great city of Sydney and the great backpackers passing through it.

After a week at X Base, I decided to leave. It’s a very clean hostel. The showers are good and the kitchen is alright. But because of how big it is, people tend to keep to themselves. It’s hard talking to people when they’re all closed off! I wanted to go to Newtown, a different part of the city, more alternative, good parties, all in all, it seemed like the best idea at the time. I stayed there for one night. One. The hostel (Abbey on King) was horrible, and by horrible I mean: dirty, smelly, noisy, bad beds and a general itchy feel to it (you know, that you get when you know there’s bugs crawling about). After that night I decided to leave straight away. After some haggling, I could luckily get a refund and off we go. Now I’m staying at the Jolly Swagman. Funny enough, it’s in the biggest party place in Sydney – Kings Cross, but somehow it’s still pretty quiet, and very good beds! I did see my first cockroach here (ew ew ew!), but the people are friendly and it’s really nice to stay here for a bit longer. (Also, don’t you just love the name “Jolly Swagman”… 🙂 )

I’ve been exploring a couple of the Sydney beaches and let me tell you; they are nice! Bondi is crowded but beautiful (like you see on Bondi Rescue). Then again, Coogee Beach is equally beautiful but lots quieter, and Cronulla is amazing. No tourists whatsoever and just locals hanging out, enjoying the sun. Australians have a very outdoorsy lifestyle. They work for however long they work and then go outside, find somewhere to barbecue, have a couple of beers, enjoying the good life. I like that about this place!

Also, a plan’s been made for travelling up north, towards Cairns. Next Monday I’m going to leave Sydney, on a five-day surfcamp to Byron Bay. I’ll stay there for Christmas and then have a job waiting for me in a pub! Amazing! That way I can try and save up the money I spent on all the trips I’m going to do in the coming months. I finally have all the serious stuff (post address, medicare etc.) sorted and I’m ready to go! Enjoying Sydney for one more week, and then off to explore!

Oh, guys! Please mind that my Australian phonenumber has changed. My provider was shitty and also quite expensive, so I changed it. See the contact page for my number.

–Because I’m in an internetcafe, unfortunately I can’t really upload any pictures this week. That’s why I’ll leave you with one picture of the Sydney Skyline this week. Enjoy!

Look at those colours...


Een reactie op “Travel Tuesday Second week of Sydneyness

  1. Vince schreef:

    It took me some time to notice the “Give a reaction” screen below the page :D. The day I see your tweet about your #traveltuesday update, I noticed it was exactly two weeks after you left. I’m glad you’re having fun and found yourself a job in the Horeca (Wiki learned me that the term for Horeca is the same in English). Good luck on your surfcamp!

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