Travel Tuesday Double the trouble

Okay, so two weeks have passed since my last update. This wasn’t entirely my fault though, as during the last Travel Tuesday, I was actually surfing waves instead of the internet! I didn’t even see my computer for a week. But! Not to fear, because a long story is here. A lot has happened in these two weeks, and I’m ready to share. I’ll break it up in several little subjects for you, my loyal readers.

19-12-2010 So long Sydney

Wow, I can’t believe I’ve been travelling for 3 weeks by now! I’ve done so little, but I’ve seen so much. It seems like I was in Holland just a couple of days ago and on the other hand it seems like ages since I’ve seen everyone! Tomorrow, I will leave Sydney and go on a surf camp with MojoSurf. Five days of surfing, surfing and.. surfing! After almost three weeks of exploring the city, I’m well excited to see more of the country.

So long Sydney, your crazy parties, your amazing people, you beautiful city and iconic Australian feel. I can’t imagine any city in Australia to be anything like this.

Sydney All Together 2010

24-12-2010 Surfs up!

Ouch, ouch, ouch.. After a week of surfing I’m bruised, battered and achey. But most of all, I’m so happy that I learned how to surf! It’s so much fun messing about in the water, trying to catch a wave. Definitely want to keep surfing in the next couple of months!

The first day, we drove from Sydney to Crescent Head, also lovingly known as Creso. An beautiful, secluded little place, where we were like a small family, having our meals together (Mario, our chef, is amazing!), surfing together, having chats over the fireplace at night. We went surfing straight away and had dolphins swimming near us and even under our boards! An exciting moment, where everyone got too distracted to even try and stand up on that surfboard. Tuesday and Wednesday we surfed more and more, got bit bigger waves and tried so hard to look cool. The best advice came from Kimbo, who owns the camp in this little piece of paradise: Just stop falling off!

Wednesday came round and after a final lesson at Creso, everyone was achey and tired, but also happy and proud of the new things they’d learned and now, we were off to the second camp, Spot X. For a “secret spot”, there sure were a lot of people there, I can tell you that! It’s more of a camping, where all the touroperators come and surf, whereas Creso is exclusively for MojoSurf. Completely different vibe, but it was so much fun. Holly came along as well, leaving Sydney for a bit, and then flying back for New Years Eve. We had a blast, party on the waves, party on the beach. Drinking games like Fuzzy Duck and 21, and just a big big laugh in general. Oh and did I mention that we also surfed at Spot X?? And then we arrived in Byron Bay for Christmaseve…


25-12-2010 Merry Christmas!

We spent Christmaseve together with the MojoSurfgroup. Went out for a meal and after that, we went out for a party! Oh how there was a party.. Me and Holly didn’t have a place to stay, because of the ridiculous ratings in hostels ($50 for a night per person) and made it our mission to make that work out. We thought of sleeping on the beach or on a bench, but it was raining pretty badly, so now what?! We ended up in a house somewhere but we had a bed, so all’s well that ends well, we spent Christmasday in the rain, on the beach in Byron Bay, going for a stroll and having pizza for dinner. Well improvised I say! And so the weirdest of all Christmasses (warm, rainy, random people) ended, we lived to tell the tale and what a silly one it is…

Christmas Eve

28-12-2010 Travel Tuesday

Today is Travel Tuesday. I spent a couple more days in Byron. Although it was raining, I still made it out to town a couple of times, for a little discovery tour and a nice meal. Met up with Gemma – who I met on the plane to Sydney, as you might remember, and some of the others of the Surf camp. I’ll be back soon, hopefully on a sunny day, to walk up to Cape Byron. That’s the furthest east you can go in Australia!

Where am I now, you ask? I’m in a small town called Casino – the selfproclaimed Beef Capital of Australia. It’s about an hour away from Byron Bay, and I got a job there for the next to months! I’ll be waitressing, bartending, working in the kitchen and in the bottleshop, for Cecil’s Hotel. I’ll start tomorrow, and I’m very curious what this small town of true Australians will bring me…

Byron (2pictures)

Happy holidays everybody! And just to make you a bit more jealous, my surfinstructors were making this Christmascard as we arrived in Crescent Head… I love surfing!

See you in the New Year!


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