Travel Tuesday Happy Newies!

Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to 2011!!

Now, lets start… As I’m starting to write this new blog, I’d like you all to picture me sitting here. I just came back from a nice day at the beach. The smell of a just mowed lawn (our neighbour’s) filled the house, a glass of ice cold water cools my lips, Cee Lo’s Bright lights, bigger city playing in my headphones and I look around in my room. My own space after four weeks of sharing my room with five to nine strangers. At least for a little bit. I’m happy.

With the rain finally gone, I can fully enjoy my first active off day (I had a day off after New Years, that one wasn’t active at all 😉 ). Because Casino is a rural town, it’s a drive that takes at least forty minutes to reach any beach nearby.

Last week we saw Iluka, and that was a beautiful little bay, even though the weather wasn’t that good. Today we went to Evans Head. A place that basically harbours all Casino’s habitants during the Summer Holiday period. I went there with Kim (one of my roommates), Roger (one of the locals) and Trish and her family (one of my colleagues). It’s so nice to see the region with people that live here! They know where we can get the quiet -but beautiful!- beaches, the best fish and chips and the coldest ice cream. All in all a perfect day, with drinks in the Cecil afterwards. A good way to get my energy back for the next week: five days of working!

Let me remind you of where I am these days. A small town called Casino, where I live in a house with three Korean girls and temporarily one of the girls’ boyfriend, until they get a place of their own. We have a nice shower, two toilets, a nice living room and kitchen, and my room has two beds (who wants to stay over?!), my very own wardrobe closet (of which just the drawers open 😉 ), a desk which I’m writing at as we speak and most importantly: TWO fans! It gets pretty hot these days and it’s important to stay cool during the night to avoid tossing and turning!
I work at the Cecil, or Cecil’s Hotel, in the kitchen, the bottleshop and the bar. It’s very sociable, easy going work and I met a fair bit of the regulars so far. Now to remember who drinks which beer…

The next couple of weeks I’ll be going to explore the area on my off days. Small towns, like today’s Evans Head, but also Brisbane and back to Byron are on the line… Who knows where I end up. So go on, check google maps and give me some suggestions on where to go?!

I also added some pictures of the passed  couple of days. Did you know that if you click the picture you see below, you’ll get a whole lot more pictures in a new window?? (Mum, dad, click the picture below to see more pictures, okay?!!)


Casino – Newies

2 reacties op ‘Travel Tuesday Happy Newies!

  1. hermine Goossens schreef:

    Hé Maretje,
    Voor jou een heel goed, gelukkig. geestig,gezellig en groots 2011.
    Wat ontzettend leuk om je avonturen down under te lezen en de foto’s te zien. Wat een geweldige onderneming! Daar moet je toch de nodige moed voor hebben om zo in je eentje zo ver van huis te gaan.
    Gelukkig bestaan de moderne middelen als skype en mail waardoor je snel en gemakkelijk contact kunt leggen met het thuisfront.
    Ik blijf je volgen!
    Heel veel liefs,
    je oude juf hermine

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