Travel Tuesday Disaster Update…

Hey everyone! I’d like to dedicate this Travel Tuesday to the Queensland Floodings (and soon to be New South Wales Floodings, that’s the state I’m staying in!) because it’s been more than 30 years since any water disaster remotely like this… I’m not sure if you guys have seen or heard about the disaster in Australia, but it’s impressive and devastating, what’s going on not too far from where I am right now!

Last night one of the towns in land got caught by surprise, when a big big inland wave hit Toowoomba. The town is located in a valley and just got slushed by an enormous amount of water, completely covering the city.

People are even being evacuated from Brisbane – one of Australia’s big cities! It’s very likely that more than 15000 people will be affected by the floodings over there. The river banks broke earlier today and the rain that keeps falling down doesn’t help the amazing rescue teams that are saving people from roofs, trees and cars.

A lot of my backpacker friends down in Sydney don’t seem to really notice the seriousness of the situation, as I’ve been getting texts from people wanting to go up north. They’ll get stuck in Byron Bay for a while, probably…

For me, I’m okay. The people of Casino are keeping a close eye on the news, but it’s very likely that the floodings will pass our town without any major effects. So I’m still at work (although I had a great weekend in Byron Bay, still very tired thanks to that!), enjoying local habits and my own room!

I’ll leave you with some pictures of the floodings. It gets really close, when the people you work with know lots of people in Brisbane and further up. All we can do is hope that they’ll be okay…

Queensland Floodings

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