Travel Tuesday Heaps fun, hay?!

This week has been very easygoing. It kind of starts to feel like normal life, except so different! I’ve been working for five days. I’ve been meeting lots of people. I’ve just been at ease.

Last weekend I went back to Byron. That was good fun. Time for a party, a surf, a trip. It was good being out of Casino for a bit, because the town really is small. This week though, I’ve been enjoying being here!

After the big floodings, everything stopped in town. No more supplies in or out, what is going to happen with the water?! I put some pictures online that will show you a flooded street right around the corner. Lucky for us, the river is in a valley when it crosses Casino, so we were in no threat of being flooded, where as all towns around us DID get flooded. That’s why I started my charity week. So far I’m up to almost 200$! But, I need your help! One of my friends turned raising money into a game. I need to get as many unique visitors to For every visitor I get points and that will increase the donation he will make! Come on guys, help me out and send this link to everyone!

Other than that, I’ve had a pretty fun weekend over here. Working Friday and Saturday nights, going swimming at Trish’s all the time and having dinner and drinks with the Cecil crew on Sunday. Heaps fun and although it didn’t turn out as a big party, it was good to have everyone in “normal” mode instead of work mode.

This week I’ll be working some more and I’m looking forward to the next weekend. A party, maybe a trip somewhere or finding people with dirtbikes, so we can go crossing! Who knows what’ll happen….


Random Byron Bay and Casino pics

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