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I could say I was too busy working, or travelling around the area. I could say I forgot because something serious happened, because I got flooded or because I melted under the hot sun. The truth is, last week I didn’t update because… It was the day before Australia Day! Exciting like Queensnight for all the dutchies out there reading this. And what a night before Australia Day it turned out to be. A proper barbie (BBQ), lots of swimming and rum. And lots of Australians around. All in all, a perfect way to start the proud Australia Day. Do I hear an “Aussie Aussie Aussie”…?

Charity Week
Charity Week is done and gone with. Although there were no extra activities done, I got a challenge from Holland and that ended up getting me an extra $70.- in donation. Add that to half my wage that week ($150.-) and the tips we got (we tried really hard too, pushing the donation bucket under the nose of our dear and loyal patrons…), we got more than $400.- for the Queensland Flood Relief. Amazing don’t you think?? I’ve been very proud and happy that I could help in raising this money. It feels like I contributed in more than the normal “backpackerway” of fruit picking and actually getting involved with helping the country after this traumatic experience.


Random activities around Casino
I finally rode a motorbike! It was so much fun. There was only one bike available unfortunately, so I had to be on the back while we rode into Mallanganee National Park, where we encountered my very first Wallabee (small Kangaroo)!!! It was amazing. Parrots and Cockatoos all around, stunning environment and even a couple of lazy cows on the road. When we were up at the lookout, I looked at my driver, and took the bike for a spin on my own. So. Much. Fun. I want to go again. Soon!!!

The same day, I went to the hairdresser. Yes, my hair looks now pretty… in Pink! Yes, I had it dyed in a gorgeous deep purpleypink colour… Look at the pictures, I think it suits me.

I’m very lucky that Trish has got a pool at her house. I’ve been spending lots of time in it so far. As it turns out, the chlorine in a pool is not good for just dyed hair. Having me ending up with a blonde pinkish kind of streaks in my hair. And I was so proud! Lucky, I could convince the hairdresser that I absolutely only washed my hair twice and they redyed it, for free! Pretty in pink, once again.

Yesterday, I went to a little lake, somewhere in some Aussie bush. We went there by car, pulling up in the randomest of places and walking there. It was amazing, and I jumped off the cliff that’s showed in the pictures. I’ve got witnesses, and even though I thought I would probably die, I’m so proud I did it, what a rush! After that, chilling under the waterfalls, and enjoying this little natural wonder and good company. Fun, fun, fun…

Other than that, I’ve been having drinks at friends, and they came round to have drinks at my house. Good times! I’m lucky to have met all these wonderful personalities this town has to offer!



Sea World
Last week we went to Sea World. It was amazing to see. Obvious favourites were the penguins. Also the dolphinshow was amazing. If only that could be my job one day… Mucking about in the water, having these beautiful creatures performing for you, mucking about in the water…
Oops, got a little distracted there! Anyway, the park is a mix of a marine zoo and an entertainment park. There was a jetski-ride that was on the top of everyone’s list and turned out to be the best! So fast!
It was a really fun but exhausting day. I only have a couple of pictures, but they show all the good bits (baby penguins too!!)

Sea World


Byron Bay… Again?!
And this time I went with Tahn, one of my new friends. And this time, it was sunny! Finally! Byron is a beautiful place, when splashed in sunrays, which make it much more fun to go for a swim.
I finally went up to Cape Byron. A lighthouse at the most easterly point of Australia. Yes, I’ve been to the more easterly point of Australia, woohoo! When we were there, we looked down into the ocean and saw a pod of dolphins, a chilling seaturtle in the waves and a stingray cruising around. All enjoying the sunrays that stayed hidden behind the clouds for such a long time. After that a delicious lunch in town, and back to Casino through the lovely towns of Lennox Head, Ballina and lots of little beaches in between. All in all, a perfect day of exploring!

Byron Bay


I’ll stay in Casino for another month. Working, saving up a bit more, and then it’s time to explore the rest of the East Coast. I’ve got a plan in mind, and I’m really looking forward to it! But until then, I’m trying to do as many fun things as I possibly can in my free moments. I might even get to borrow a motorbike to get myself around more easily πŸ˜€ Yay!

All in all, a lot has happened, but it’s all in a calm manner, some how. Very homely. In a couple of days my roomie – Kim – is leaving. She’s going back to Korea, I’m going to miss her so much!!! But we will stay in touch, and who knows… I might go and visit her! I mean, we have a pet together!


Fred-O our Pet Frog


4 reacties op β€˜Travel Tuesday Casino Life’

  1. Sharon schreef:

    Hey lieverd, wat goed gedaan met je inzameling!

    Wat zal het een heerlijk gevoel zijn geweest om weer op een motor te hebben gezeten?
    Hoop voor je dat je dat snel weer kunt meemaken.

    Liefs vanuit het koude Nijmegen.

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