Travel Tuesday Leaving my Ozzie Hometown!

Where to start, what to tell? It’s been so long I wouldn’t know where to begin. Little funny jokes, or big adventures? Yahoo Serious or the Wriggles? This should be a big update, but with my leaving coming closer by the minute, I don’t know what to say…

Let’s start with Kim leaving, my beautiful room mate from the start. She went back to Korea for some serious business, an opportunity of a life time, but the story about getting her on that freakin’ flight is way better. She was supposed to get the train to Brisbane and get to the airport from there. Train scheduled at 3am, we all stayed up to say goodbye to our favourite, silly Korean girl. But then, when we got to the train station, one of the railway guys told us that the train was delayed by more than two hours! She would miss her flight! We shared a quick look and decided to drive to and from Brisbane that night and oh what a challenge it was to stay awake (or un-carsick)… But what an adventure, the laughs in the car, pumping the music and keeping each other up, the best nights come at the most unexpected of times, I guess!

I’ve been to a genuine Australian Barbie (they even got me some shrimps to throw on there, as the saying goes…)  Other than all of this, I’ve been doing a lot of work, having a lot of fun seeing the area and getting to meet all the wonderful people that inhabit this crazy town! I’ve seen small beaches in the area, places you wouldn’t see if you were passing through. Went to Mount Warning (didn’t climb it though…), Surfers Paradise, where I found Dutch Liquorice (oh how I missed it!) and a great view at the Q1. That’s a very high building that offers a view to a very large surrounding area.

I got to spend a Friday night at the right side of the bar, instead of working, danced the night away and had lots of fun nights at home with friends. Talking about anything and nothing at all – my favourite topic!

Tomorrow, I start back on my journey along the East Coast, starting back in Byron and leaving for Noosa in the weekend. I hope to update from there! I might come up with some good stories of my goodbye party…

Thank you my dearest Cecilians ~ I had a blast!

This photoalbum will take you to a different website than usual. Back to normal business in the next post!

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Een reactie op “Travel Tuesday Leaving my Ozzie Hometown!

  1. Sharon schreef:

    Aha, ik lees het al… je bent veel te druk om ons een beetje op de hoogte te houden!
    In ieder geval lees ik gelukkig dat alles goed gaat daar en dat je je nog altijd vermaakt!

    Veel liefs en hopelijk tot snel. (hier dan)
    xxx Sharon

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