Travel Tuesday Noosa it is!

And so, I said “See ya later” to Casino. Bye tiny town, bye Cecil Hotel, bye secret missions, endless roadtrips, lollyshop in Ballina and drinking/drunken nights. Most of all, bye you awesomely crazy Cecilians I will miss you and I will be back!

How to have a proper last night without fancy dress? You don’t and therefore the theme of my “see ya later”-DAY (yes DAY 😀 ) was Pirates. Snorkling and partying in Byron and oh what a day it was.

Robbing people from their golden coins, caps and umbrellas. Taking random pictures with people we never met before, random people thinking that the Cheeky Monkeys hired us, dancing, dancing, dancing… Such a good night and so many extra great memories to take with me! Me buccaneers arrrrr me mates!

And then they all left me, and it was so weird to be back on the backpackertrail again. Alone. And I left for Noosa on Saturday. Because I had to catch up with…. Holly! Do we all remember Holly, I met her in Sydney! After spending so much time apart it’s been great catching up and partying like we used to. I think she’s proud of the damage Casino’s done to me. I can actually hold my drinks (a little better anyway)! We had a fancy dress punk/rock night and I’ve just been enjoying the days as much as I can. From doing nothing to being busy, it’s all good. Staying here for one more night, and then it’s really off to do the East Coast.

Within the next three weeks I’ll go and see all there is to see up to Cairns. First stop; Rainbow Beach and Fraser Island to go Four Wheel Driving and the world’s largest Sand Island. Should do for some good pictures… But that’s for next week. I’ll leave you with an epic picture and the question: How’s life at your end of the world?


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