Travel Tuesday What a Week!!!

Wow it’s been a crazy week, packed full with adventures, trips, stories, rain, but also: SUN! I’ll seperate all the bits and pieces to the places I stayed, so it’s all a bit more organised. Let’s start with when I left Fraser Island, last week…

Rainbow Beach
In Rainbow Beach – the town from where I went to Fraser Island – I enjoyed an extra two nights and spent them on the beach and enjoying the people that stayed in Rainbow Beach for another two nights as well. Definitely worth mentioning is why Rainbow Beach is actually called Rainbow Beach. In a hike up to the sand blow, a local told us, that under the upper layer of sand, lots of differently coloured sand is hidden. We got to see super white, to gold, to orange to tangerine and even bright red. If we had walked on, apparently you even see blue, green and pink sand! But, instead of that, we threw some boomerangs (yes they came back too!) and went sand boarding! That’s lots of fun, until you actually yell out in joy and get a LOT of sand in your mouth…

1770 / Agnes Water
These two little towns are so intertwined that one is the other and the other way around. In the bus I decided not to stop in Bundaberg, nor in Kroombit, but stay in this tiny town to get some rest. That really didn’t happen…

After the busride up there, I arrived at Cool Bananas, and let me say: that hostel lives up to it’s name! Even though the place was invaded by loads of Dutch people, the atmosphere was open and most people ended up speaking English anyway. That first night I didn’t do much, besides talking to loads of people and watching a film in the “living room”. I even got some reading done…

The next day, it was time… Time for the SCOOTEROOS! Quick explanation: The Scooteroos is a tour throughout the area, on mopeds dressed up as mini-Harleys. You get to wear leather jackets, helmets with flames on them, and of course, there are lots of stick-on tattoos to complete the look. It was SO. MUCH. FUN! Even though the scooteroos don’t go very fast, it’s been great playing with it, weaving, scraping the footpegs over the asphalt. You get to talk to some people of the group as well, and we had a sunset at the small 1770-harbour to enjoy the end of our day. They even offered me a job there, to join the scooteroos! Unfortunately a month is too short of time to get me worked into it and then actually join them… Back to the hostel for more talking and talking.

St. Patrick’s Day! I went on a three hour surf lesson (only $17 cheapest on the east coast and lots of fun to catch some small waves!), and after that: it was still sunny! So the rest of the afternoon was spent on the beach, reading and chatting about all and nothing with some of my new found friends. At night, we drank green goon (never again…) and oh joy, I had a bus at 7am the next morning. The busride was going to be a long one to begin with all the way up to Airlie Beach, but just to make everybody on the bus just that much more unhappy, the bus broke down. It ended up taking us more than 13 hours to arrive in Airlie Beach in a bus that kept shutting itself down every five minutes…

Airlie Beach

It’s from where I’m typing this story right now, and I stayed there for two nights before the Whitsundays trip and although I did meet up with some people I keep bumping into throughout the East Coast, there’s not much to tell you about Airlie Beach. It’s the lift off area to the Whitsunday Islands, and I’ll leave here tomorrow. Beforehand, I mostly spent my day doing absolutely nothing, recovering and preparing for the trip I’ve been looking forward to most on the East Coast.

The Whitsunday Islands
It was Amazingly Stunning.
When I got to the harbour to check-in at the boat, Wings Three – I recommend it!! -, it was raining. The crew basicly told us, that’s what it was going to be like throughout the trip, so we got prepared and just started chatting away. It’s alright, Fraser was washed up with rain and I enjoyed my time there, so it’ll be alright. We had a group of about 21 people and that was a good amount, not too many, but enough to go around and talk to somebody else every now and again. It’s not a ridiculous party boat, but at night everyone had a couple of drinks and we enjoyed our time. The first day was really nice, we had lunch and an introductory first dive. Even with the clouds and rain, I had a great time being on and around the water. The crew was great and the food was beautiful. We even had our own spa on the deck!

The second day we set off for breakfast in a small bay, where lots of turtles swam around and came up for some fresh air. Beautiful! Woke up at 6:30 with a nice, yet cloudy sunrise and we drove to Whitehaven Beach. After a nice walk, we got to the purest beach on the world. Someone told me that for the spaceships, they use this sand to make the glass windows, because it’s that pure. Remember the silica I told you about at Lake McKenzie on Fraser Island? This is EVEN BETTER! Absolutely gorgeous, we saw some rays and we ended up taking silly pictures. Unfortunately they’re on a DVD and I don’t have a CD-player in my laptop, so hereby my I Owe You to show you those pictures some other time. When I got back to the boat, the sun came through the clouds, and never disappeared again. We went on two more dives and in the third one, we swam through this amazing “swimthrough”! Super dark and Steve, the guide, had a flashlight and even pen and paper to show us what everything was. A great – but early – night, finished this beautiful day with a feeling of “How lucky were we to see the Whitsundays like this?!”

And today, I just got back, was beautiful as well. I met up with Holly, just before she left… On the same boat! The sun stayed around and still is around as I sit in my airconditioned room typing up my adventures of the past week, I still feel the waves going up and down through my body. We got back at noon and tonight we’ll have a fitting goodbye party in Airlie Beach. It’s been amazing, beautiful, stunning, gorgeous and all in all a pretty lekker trip!

Tomorrow, I get on a bus all the way up north, to Cairns and my next update will come from all the way down south, Melbourne. ‘Til next week, for now I’ll leave you with an ad that describes this week, how I’m feeling and the area (yup that’s where I am, right now!)


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