Travel Thursday Meet Eugene!

Eugene is a seventeen year old boy who loves gaming. He’s got some new gadgets, but Mario brothers is his favourite game out there, even though it’s oldschool. He’s seen all of Australia and is now going to travel with us.

Okay, really…

Eugene has run almost 180000 kilometres. Not that much in comparison to his mates, who are 30 year olds that ran over 400000! He’s going to take me and Tom from Melbourne to West Australia. After ten days, it’s definitely been an experience. Eugene saw some mud near Lorne, at the beginning of the Great Ocean Road, a beautiful little surprise of a campspot in the Grampians and right now he’s enjoying the inside of Hannah’s garage! We had a little meetup with Hannah, who we met in Holland but actually lives in Adelaide. We might be off for a tour around a chocolate factory soon…. Promise to keep you guys posted!

But first… Meet Eugene!

3 reacties op ‘Travel Thursday Meet Eugene!

  1. San van Vugt schreef:

    We have already seen the other side and the inside of “Eugene”. Resi send us three photos and so we knew, that Eugene is not your new boyfriend (no need for that with Tom on your side). We wish you much pleasure with both your friends !!!
    Frans & San from Nijmegen Nederland

  2. Sharon schreef:

    Daar ben je eindelijk weer!!!
    Wat heb ik je verhalen en geklets gemist.
    Fijn te lezen dat alles goed is lieverd.

    Groetjes en héééél veel kusjes van mij, Sharon.

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