Travel Tuesday Victoria

Victoria. Hustle and bustle in Melbourne, mountains in the country, a winding road along the Great Ocean. Beaches and snow, Victoria gets cold in Australian wintertimes. Seriously.
This is what Victoria had to offer me.

After the East Coast escapades, I flew from Cairns to Melbourne, knowing that Tom would walk out of the airport there, soon. Nonetheless I was down there early, time to make some money and what better way for a socialable person like me to do that than by knocking on random people’s doors, trying to sell them a better energy retailer. It was fun for a couple of weeks, actually saw something of the Victorian countryside (I love the Wang!), and met some crazy people! Thanks for the good times guys!

But, a las, the partner in crime flew in to Melbourne and it was time for a new mission. Actually seeing something of the city, finding a third musketeer for the travels (which I introduced you all to in my last update, Eugene!) and making a plan on where to go and why.

We had a tiny Jorplace meeting with Iris and Alex. With a delicious barbeque in the beautiful house in Melbourne, we had lots of fun catching up, and meeting new people!
We even managed to celebrate Queensday in this faraway country. 2kg of Dutch Liquorice, Stroopwafels and Fruithagel/Sprinkles for on the road: check!

After enjoying Melbourne, it was time to go after a crazy first night in the van. The information is topsecret and all I can say, it was the lamest getaway in the history of getaways…


The First Day with Eugene
The first day cruising with Eugene was quite a special one. After the aforementioned topsecret events, Russell – a volunteer in an information center – helped us a lot by showing where to go on the Great Ocean Road. Walks to do, personal favourites and how to get to Adelaide after we left the GOR. Such a friendly guy, making for a great start of the day.

We went on to Geelong, to buy Camps 6, a book that has all big roadmaps of Australia and lists all campspots nationwide! This means, all the spots where you’re allowed to camp. Caravan parcs, to-pay-for campspots, some expensive, some by donation and a lot of them completely free! What an amazing travellers invention. As happy as we were buying the book, someone (it might have been me..) left the headlights on when we parked Eugene and went into town. Completely dead. Eventually a guy on a bicycle went to get his car and saved the day. He tossed in one of his CDs as well. Praise the Lord!

We drove on, on our way to Lorne, the first stop on the first camp site in the book. It was a little out of the way, but that was fine. Adventure! We ended up in an empty campspot in the middle of a forrest, with just mud, toilets and more mud. But, we had a good nights sleep although pretty cold. We decided, lets go!


The Great Ocean Road (GOR)
I had no expectations of the Great Ocean Road. I knew it was a curvy road along the coast, but that was it. Quite happy that I didn’t have any expectations because I was blown away by the beauty of the GOR. We didn’t do that many kilometres each day, but did some walking tracks, went up to look outs and stopped where ever we wanted to soak in the natural sensation that is the GOR.

Found a little secluded campspot, 5 kilometres off the main road over a dirt track, where we did a bit of the Great Ocean Walk, where we came across stunning cliffs and Tom – going further then me because I’m lazy – ended up on this small deserted beach.

It’s funny how a main attraction can disappoint though. I liked going down the Gibson Steps, onto a little beach with a view on some amazing rockformations a lot better than I liked the Twelve Apostles (just six left!). Standing there with all the Asian tourists, “holding” one of the Apostles in their hand for a picture and then scurrying off to the next attraction. (see pictures for some imitations)


The Grampians
After stocking up in Warrnambool, at the end of the GOR, we decided to go quite a while and drive all the way up to the Grampians. A mountainous area, where we were stunned by the environment. So beautiful and quiet. We decided to go for some more bushwalking, and even had to climb a little bit. Although the view was a bit sucky (it started to rain when we were at the top), it was a really nice area to wander around. Lots of ferns.

Anyway, it’s time to go to South Australia… Next update!



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