Travel Tuesday Western Australia part one

Oh and the snorkelling was amazing! But, I will tell you guys more about that next week, because first there’s the tale of how we got there.


WA (Western Australia) covers about a third of Australia, yet it’s got lower population numbers than any other state and tourism is only just on the rise. But by crossing the NT/WA border we’re that much closer to the West Coast… Right?

Well… No. When crossing the border, we’re still more than 1000km away from the Indian Ocean. First stop:



Sometimes, things just don’t really go the way you planned. How excited we were, driving into Kununurra. For an address, we needed to sleep in a hostel. A room to ourselves, a bed, stretch out and relax. (this is what was going to happen according to us)
In reality we stayed in a full hostel, in seperate dorms, with a very big, not so very welcoming long stay crowd. So, we did our laundry and hung out by the pool. Not as exciting as we thought it’d be… But we had a lazy day and finally Eugene is officially ours! Lets get the hell out of here… Next!


The road to Broome

To get to the West Coast, we needed to get to Broome. We passed tonnes of Boab trees (see the pictures), and… that was about it.



We stayed in Broome for about five days. The weather (and the beach!) were nice and thinking we may get a job there, we hung around. In the end though, it was too hot to work in, and not much work around, so we enjoyed a little down time on the beach. We found some dinosaur’s footprints. Our restarea was quite extraordinary as our little Eugene couldn’t manage the dirtroad to the actual restarea, we just slept along the (quiet/empty) road. We got eaten alive by mosquitoes there.  It seemed as though Broome – although gorgeous – was a city of Doom for us. Yup, definitely bad luck there. Lost a wallet, locked the door with the carkeys still inside, being eaten alive by mozzies and genuinely melting during the day. It’s time to travel on.


Karijini National Park

We quickly passed through Port Hedland. An industrial town with not much to offer, so after stocking up, we left! We ended up in a restarea just before the National Park, where we stayed for three days. The surroundings were stunning, we could go for hikes there and enjoy the views. Making little campfires every night, I decided we should get marshmallows soon. Hmmm… Marshmallows!

The National Park was stunning, we did a beautiful hike. Passed a Aboriginal sacred lake and a little waterfall. I even found a tree to climb in!



All in all, we’ve been busy in Western Australia so far. Maybe it’s time to relax, enjoy the sun. Maybe it’s time for a holiday… Read about it next week!

WA – Part One

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