Travel Tuesday Holidaying in Exmouth

A holiday from travelling? How does that work? Let me tell you, it is great! We’ve been moving around so much, never staying in a place longer than a couple of days. And that was the plan in Exmouth too. Go in, go to the National Park there to see the famous Turquoise Bay and keep going. After all, there’s more to see and do!


Well, it didn’t work out that way, luckily! Turns out that camping in this specific National Park requires some planning ahead and since we are usually not in the world where there’s internet all the time, we didn’t know that. Now what? We can’t stay in the National Park, we don’t want to pay too much for accomodation in town, and then… Jason came to our rescue!


Little flashback: we met Jason in Habitat HQ, in the hostel in Melbourne. He worked there to save some more money for his travelling as he’s been campervanning for the passed three years. Fair is fair, the campervan is now a coasterbus that’s a bit more facilitated, but he still travels around Australia whenever and wherever he pleases.


We knew he’d be around somewhere and just during lunch, he walked up to us, walking his dog Gucci. We joined him in the caravanpark, adding onto his campsite and had a great time catching up. Also, this way, there was an easy way to book ahead for the National Park. After two nights, we said goodbye again and off we went into…


Cape Range National Park

So. Frigging. Gorgeous. You know how you hear a lot of people talking highly about something and then you see it for yourself and it’s a let down? This is NOT one of those things. Clear blue water, gorgeous beaches and amazing snorkelling. On all the different beaches – Turquoise Bay, Oyster Stacks, Mandu Mandu and Lakeside -, there was amazing coral, just off the beach. You just walk into the water, put your nose down and there it is! We saw turtles at Turquoise, beautiful coral and big fish at the Oyster Stacks and Mandu Mandu, and even big rays (not the ones that killed Steve Irwin!) at Lakeside. We were only there for two nights, but a hike each morning and being in the water all day was great! I did not want to leave!

So after that, we thought… Maybe we can stay in a caravanpark outside of Exmouth for a bit longer. That turned out to be quite expensive, so we turned around to see if the beach closest to the park was worth staying for and… we bogged Eugene. Oh no! The sand was too soft so Eugene got stuck. And just five minutes after we started digging, who came to our rescue? Jason walking Gucci! How lucky is that? We pushed Eugene out, and then stayed at Jason’s campsite for a week!!



It’s been great, we’ve been going to the beach, swimming, body boarding, walking, me and Jason played tennis and I also regained my love for Rummikub! We all watched movies and had dinner. Sleeping in until 7:30 and then enjoying the day. We even went fishing, and we all caught a fish. What happened when I caught my fish, you can see in the pictures…

And as I write this, we’re leaving Exmouth. Back on the road, excited to be back on the road again! It’s been great having a holiday where the weather was amazing, the beach was great and we didn’t get flies annoying us, or mozzies trying to sting us.
This little holiday from our travelling was perfect, definitely the best place we stayed so far! And now we’re heading down south, what’s the next adventure (or chill out) going to be?

Exmouth Holiday

Een reactie op “Travel Tuesday Holidaying in Exmouth

  1. Wat een prachtige plek, kan me voorstellen dat jullie er even gebleven zijn, grandioos mooi.
    Ik geniet nog altijd van je verhalen Maret en ben af en toe stiekem toch wel een beetje jaloers op je vrijheid.

    Liefs van mij Sharon.

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