Travel Tuesday After holidaying…

Coming back from a holiday is never fun. And even though we’re still going with Eugene, it was quite a shock, driving out of Exmouth and back onto the road going south. Because the first realitycheck came just after a few hours… Rain!

Yes it rained, soaking Eugene the first night we were out of Exmouth. Not to mention, the first bugs, after two weeks of hardly any flies, mozzies or otherwise stingey things, were sand fleas. Feasting on our legs, they were with us for a few days.

And yes, it’s getting cooler now that we’re travelling further south. Funny how Australians get “cold”, though. Still walking around in dresses / summer outfits during the day, we now see Aussies driving around in hoodies, beanies and scarves ready to face the 20-degree-winter.

On our way to a job, we now have a deadline to get to the South West. Luckily, the rain has subsided, we’re back in sunny weather (for now), and there’s always the Dutch saying: “After rain, there’ll be sunshine.” Back to reality and enjoying it. The next stop is Kalbarri where we’ll stay a few days. But more about that, next week.

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