Travel Tuesday Oops, where was I?

When internet is not usually available, the laptop is being used as a tiny cinema to watch movies and even the phone is really just a clock. Time seems to go faster without me noticing. Days become weeks in just hours of time, or is that just me? Almost a month without an update. Oops… Where was I again?

Oh right, after our holiday in Exmouth we started travelling south. And with going south, we got rain and weather that was a lot colder than the perfect 30 degree, clear blue skies and beautiful ocean to swim in. I think in my last story, we were getting close to Kalbarri.



Kalbarri was nice. We stayed there for a few days on a real ranch! Horses everywhere, and the town was good too. Not too well known to the tourists, and maybe it wasn’t the exact right time of year, but we discovered a second Great Ocean Road on the West Coast! Stunning cliffs, dramatic views and -unfortunately- a (almost completely) paved walk to see it all. The only way to make it better is to make those walks a bit more adventurous, rather than just catering for the old folks that inhabit the small seaside slumber town. Everything else is there, the gorgeous views, even a lot of wildlife that came amazingly close!


Kalbarri to Perth

While we were in Kalbarri, we were called by our future bossman asking if we could come about 5 days earlier, to learn to ropes and start working. Of course we said yes, and we sped away, on to Perth. We drove through great Geraldton and wound along the Indian Ocean Road.

Definitely worth a special mention: Northampton, where we spent the day in a town with the same name as Tom’s hometown back in England! (and is probably equally exciting…)



Perth was a main stop to stock up, get the last stuff we needed for the job down South and the first big city we saw since… Well, since Adelaide last april. Wow! So much time has passed without big signs, lights and buildings. It was kind of weird camping in a city, but I will tell you: we had a beachview from little Eugene while staying in Perth. Too bad in rained for three consecutive days and we decided to head south earlier. And what would you know… Exactly the same happened as did in Adelaide. As soon as we left the city, the rain passed and the sun came out!

We stayed at small little roadside campspots and made our way down to the South West of Western Australia. In the middle of the “winter” we’re going one of the coldest areas of the country! Not clever? It was still 10-15 degrees and sunny, so I’ve been feeling like being back home for the summer… And the job? I’ll tell you all about it, next week!


Unfortunately pictures don’t want to be uploaded on this silly, middle-of-nowhere, through satellite, kind of internet, so hopefully more pictures soon!

2 reacties op ‘Travel Tuesday Oops, where was I?

  1. Mams schreef:

    hoi Maret en Tom de Boer,
    Ik zit nu in Hibou en ik kan even iets terug sturen!
    Ben benieuwd naar jullie foto’s.
    Ik ga vrijdag weer naar Nederland. Dan schrijf ik weer mijn week journaal!
    Dikke kus van Resi

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