Travel Tuesday The prejudices about farming…

I think everyone had their own thoughts about farming and farmers. Most common prejudices have to be that farming is hard work, starting early in the morning and finishing late at night, that farmers are reserved, closed people and that there’s always more work…

True! True! True! Most of the people on this farm are… Farmers. Without any social or communicational skills. Mumbling around and then get angry when you don’t do what they say, an easy day lasts about 12 hours and it is hard hard work!

I have a mozaic of bruises on my legs, a Picasso of scratches on my arms and a chronic bruised lump on my right hand. The little calves tend to head-butt my hand into the feeder when they can’t find the milk. I’m walking cows from paddock to paddock, with a 8 to 12 km stroll through bush and stuff at least twice a week!

But… I am getting muscles, great stamina and strong legs. No need for going to a gym and I can eat as much candy as I want. I think I’ll be well fit when we leave the farm

And surely, after we leave, I’ll get a doctor’s certificate. I tubefeed calves that don’t want to drink, give them pills and injections. And of course, I actually help them get born! I think that’s a degree right there, haha!

This is a short update, but I wanted to let you know how I’m doing after two months on the farm. Looking forward to the next chapter, but enjoying being outside, doing some honest labour. And come on… Who doesn’t love the sight of this?

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