Travel Tuesday Farm life!

500 calves, more than 1000 cows milked every day for three months. Sun, rain and everything in between. Farm life; it’s time to go.

As a birthday present to ourselves, we decided to go a little earlier, and be off to celebrate. Three months on the farm, some good times, some bad times, late evenings and early mornings. This was definitely an experience! Because I like to trick my memory, here are the best things from this farm:

Being outside, doing some honest labour, working with your hands and doing what needs to be done at that time. That could be calving, or feeding the little ones. It could also mean building some pens (“cages” for the calves), walking 10 kilometres through the bush or carrying some heavy stuff around. And it’s nice to just have paddocks and paddocks, green and the occasional cow, kangaroo, emu or kookaburra. Not a big city, not too many people, no hysteria (or not too much anyway…)

My favies, of course I had some favourites here on the farm. My very own pet cow 9230, a first time mummy and the friendliest thing around. She loves pets and scratches and walking next to you when you’re walking the cows to another paddock. And then there were the calves. The first 100 or so are a little more special, they’ve been around the longest and I really got to experience raising them. The precious ones are 11354 (also known as Biggie Smalls), 11366 (Shaky or the Shakester), 11389 (Big Red) and 11401 (Im, yup named after my sister). I will definitely remember them! Taco is one of the farm dogs, she’s never been trained but knows how to round up cows. Oh and she loves cuddles too!

Learning new stuff, like delivering “the babies”, raising them, feeding and recognise when something is wrong. Learning the ways of farming, paddocks and how cows get jealous of each other in the search of the best bit of paddock to eat/sleep. Also found some useful new insights on people, communication skills and values!

All in all, it’s been good! It’s been refreshing, but it’s time to go on. Here’s to the farming way of life!

Farm Life

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