The trip to Java

After a great time on Nusa Lembongan, it’s time to make my way to Java. That’s where my flight to Bangkok leaves from anyway. It’d be a shame to miss it. This is the tale of two days of travelling in a slow hurry (tempo dulu).

I remember my dad used to hurry me and my sister along when we were being lazy. “Go on, tempo dulu” he used to say. I also remember travelling as Team Eugene, doing 500 kms per day to get to the next destination. And Eugene was quite slow…

This time, we took two days to get to a destination rougly 400kms away. That should be doable. I think we got lucky as the trip went very smoothly. Day one was the day of most transitions and changes. The second day was just very long to get from point A to point B.

Day one – Nusa Lembongan (Bali) to Ketapang (on Java)

Step one: get up early and hope you can get breakfast in time. After a bowl of cornflakes, floating around in warm milk, it was off to the ticket station. Half an hour later we left by boat. And with us quite a lot of people. I’d sort of expected a lot more tourists on Nusa Lembongan but couldn’t find them. They all hid in their luxury hotels (while we were out and about searching for the best beach with shade – as our hotel was still in the process of being built, we got a great discount though!!) until boarding, I suppose because the boat was full! Wading into Sanur the next stop was Denpasar. After figuring out that a car with driver was a lot cheaper than we anticipated for, we decided to be taken to the busstation in style. And at arrival we were brutally pushed into a bus that charged us way too much, but started driving almost instantly. And then stopping again. And again. And again. At every corner our busguy (not the driver) tried to convince people to come with us to “Gili, gili, gili, Gilimanuk!!!” And that kept happening in the next four hours. A whole class of girls came in after Saturdayschool, randomly people jumped on and off, paying sometimes and only a fraction the price that we paid – of course inflated by touristtax. At Gilimanuk a little break and some food! A nice lady made noodles and egg. Hmmm lunch. And then to the ferry for Java. That was easy and Bali and Java are extremely close together. Almost weird that they’re not attached. So a short ride later we tried to find a train station. The train would leave the next morning, and a shabby tiny hotel sheltered us for the night.

The difference between Bali and Java was very obvious, Java being a mainly islamic island, I was definitely looked at when going for dinner in a local little food house…

Day two – Ketapang to Surabaya

This was really easy. Board the train at 9am, get out at the destination at 5pm. I’d made it in time! But… Alas, that was the end of my fast travelling speed, as we got lost on the wrong side of the trainstation. After walking around for a good hour and a half with our backpacks and small packs, guitar and uke it was decided. A taxi to a Lonely Planet approved hotel, so we can get some rest for the flight tomorrow.

Unfortunately no pictures of the traintravels as we crossed through some amazing terrain. Through mountains and along rivers, but too fast to take proper photos. But I did manage to take more pictures in Bali and Nusa Lembongan, so here’s to a great time in Indonesia!


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