Life of Pai

Aaah the life of Pai. A small hippie town in the mountainous north of Thailand. Only 100 kms from Chiang Mai, this is a little get-away from it all. Except, a lot of hippie-backpackers want to get away from it all…

Nonetheless, Pai was amazing. Spending a week there was utter bliss. Amazing surroundings of mountains, blue skies and elephants appearing around a random corner. I loved it there!

To get to Pai, you get a minivan (like so many other times) and drive through the mountainous area. And curvey area. Uff… Even if you usually don’t get travelsick, be prepared for this trip!!

But then, just chill. Go to the public pool, or stay in your bungalow in the hammock all day. Enjoy the fact that it’s not so hot (although take a jumper with you, for the very same reason!)

We spent a week there, but really, most of the time we spent doing not that much at all. Enjoying the fact that we don’t have to, here in Pai. Life is a bit slower than in most tourist places. You don’t need transport RIGHT NOW, or go on a tour.

The best thing I did, was renting a moped to explore the area myself. There were some nice waterfalls. The hot springs – I wasn’t impressed, but a lot of people seem to love them. I thought it was a bit of a rip off to pay 200 Baht to see some muddy hot puddles, whilst being to hot myself to actually even want to go in. So I didn’t do that. There’s a canyon in the area as well that is very nice. Good views and an absolutely stunning sunset. But the best bit was randomly riding into a village with 5 elephant camps! I’m sure they could hear me squeal all the way in Pai when I rode around a corner almost into a big elephant called Noi! (which means “little”, I think)

The next day I came back for a ride on her. It was great. Even though it got a bit messy in the river, we all got a kiss in the end.

Very sad to leave, but there’s more to explore. Bye Pai, you rock!

Pai 2011

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