Okay guys, it’s been a while. After chilling in the 4000 Islands, in Laos, it took a very adventurous busride (again!) to get into Cambodia. You can read all about it here. It’s my second article that got published. Yay!

Anyway… Cambodia. It’s a lot more Americanized than I expected. Very well developed at the parts I’ve been to. Unfortunately I’ve not seen as much of the country as I would’ve liked, but other travelplans, itineraries and visa-applications got in the way. So, in this post I will write about all the different places I’ve been to in Cambodia

Phnom Penh

After the 15-hour busride, I arrived in Phnom Penh. The guesthouse we chose earlier was full, but in the same street was a great guesthouse that charged us less for bigger and cleaner rooms. Great! It’s run by Khmer (Cambodian) people who are very friendly and want to help you in anyway they can. It’s a nice city, Phnom Penh, almost cute in a way. Big malls, busy streets, but somehow it doesn’t feel like an overwhelming metropole. History is all around.


Tuol Sleng (S-21)

This is a gruesome place. At first, the use for this building was a school. Later, it got converted into a torture prison, by the rebelling Khmer Rouge (under charge of Pol Pot). Soon after the Khmer Rouge was defeated, the school was turned into a place of remembrance and besides foreigners, Khmer people come here as well, to find lost relatives or to see the place where they lost their parents for themselves. I think they did a great job in giving information about how the Khmer Rouge took over the school, how they used play instruments that were there for the schoolkids, and  turned them into torture apparatus. They took a picture of every man that came into the prison. These pictures are put up. So you see the victims. You see who this happened to. It sends a shiver down your spine, but it’s almost good to see it. As the museum states itself: It’s to show what happened to make sure it never happens again.



A nice little beach get-a-way from the travelling, really. Too busy, too many tourists, too many “Lady, you want massaaaa…” No, I don’t want a massaaaage, plastic plaything, my legs waxed, fruit or bracelet/necklace. I just want to sit on this small beach and read my book.

Oh well, the sun was nice and the water was warm.


After that I went back to Phnom Penh to get my visa for India. Approved! Woohoo! The countdown has now officially begun, because after India it’ll be time to go back home. Probably.

Cambodia 2011

Een reactie op “Cambodia

  1. Sharon schreef:

    Zeker weer een poosje geleden, dus fijn om van je te horen.
    Alleen de naam Pol Pot bezorgd me al rillingen, zal ongetwijfeld indrukwekkend zijn allemaal.

    Liefs van mij, Sharon

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