Lazing in Varkala

The days flew by here. Fishermen on the beach, untangling their nets after setting out early in the morning, together with babas, people devoted to a God. They’re blessing people on the beach. Indian tourists mixed with foreign tourists. Aah, it’s good to be back on the beach.

A nice, small beach, surrounded by cliffs. No hawkers or vendors pushing all day. On top of the cliffs is where all the restaurants are and I enjoyed a week in Varkala just relaxing. After the ashram it was amazing to have a non-veg meal (chicken burger) and a cooooool beer. Oh yes. Get it in me.

I’ve had some parties whilst being there, the Rock’n Roll Bar is momentarily hosted by an English couple, while the owner is away and they know how to organize the bar as the place to be in Varkala. Be it a pub quiz, big night out or Sunday Roast. Thanks guys, we had a blast!

It was so nice to while away with some friends we already knew, relaxing on the beach and in the restaurants. Partying and having the most amazing seafood platters. The fish is caught by fishermen on the same day, and then prepared into heavenly, melt-on-the-tongue goodness.

While I was there, there was a festival on. We heard about it and decided to go to a town closeby to see the festival take place. The rickshaw driver took us to a completely different town, but the festival was still on. Dressed up elephants and people, dancing and making music on big drums. A sort of parade car with a scene of Vishnu killing a bad guy! Dances and women dressed up in beautiful saris and matching umbrellas. As we drove back in the rickshaw we came across some people dressed up as gods as well!

All in all, I had a great time in Varkala and recommend going there. But don’t swim in the sea at night. The current is strong and you’ll lose your roomkey! Check out the pictures!

Varkala 2012

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