Beautiful Bundi

Well, if you read the story last week, you know me and (especially) Tom had a bit of bad luck that cut our motorcycle adventure short. Getting “stuck” in Bundi was very nice. In Dutch there’s a saying that applies well in this situation: “Getting stuck here was good luck that came with the bad luck”.

After a visit to the hospital, Tom came out with a cast on his arm. A fracture in his upper arm. Nothing too bad, but important to take time to rest and heal. Now what?
I tried talking to the rental company, because the bill was paid for two months, but after only two weeks, me and Tom literally couldn’t ride the bikes any more! Both of us understood that even if we brought the bikes back straight away, Stonehead Bikes would not be able to rent the bikes out for the same period, but definitely for some of the period. Surely, SHB would understand the power of good will and give us a token refund, a friendly gesture to show that they understand that we couldn’t help this situation and that we paid to get the bike fully repaired. After some very difficult communication (suddenly “Harry” our contact person didn’t think it very important to reply to phone calls or e-mails) we got a “maybe we can get you a small refund”. So we decided to get the good will going. Getting the motorbikes on a train to Delhi as soon as possible. But when I got there (I travelled with the bikes on the train), “Harry” sent one of his boys, -18 years old, maybe?- to get the bikes. Obviously the boy didn’t speak a word of English, and any dialogue was impossible. No refund at all. Ahem…

Although the experience with this rental company was very disappointing, yet another Indian who’s just out to take as much money as he can, we decided to keep a positive attitude and enjoy the rest of our trip. Taking our time in Bundi was a good start. We got to know some of the locals and got introduced to their families.

We really got to know Tonu, Sonu, Dilip, Antim, Malu and Akashay. Tonu’s family house is very nice with a court yard, a baby niece that I got to hold (see pictures!), a happy dog, and a very warm welcome for us. Antim had his wife make a beautiful henna tattoo on my arm. The poor girl was so nervous about these foreigners in her house look at what she was doing, she was shaking! So we took some of the attention off here and were all just talking. That helped a lot and the Mendi (henna tattoo) looked incredible. We met Sonu’s family during Holi festival and Malu’s mum made us fresh samosas on the same day. Akashay just made our stay at RN Haveli that much better. A funny fifteen year old, with a mind of his own that’s set on getting out of chores mostly!

Holi was an incredible festival with the boys, Ruth and Natalie! A very friendly atmosphere and the way the colour was “applied” was almost gentle sometimes. An assault of colours that day was and really, the pictures ooze how much fun it was. So just have a look at them! Let me just tell you that the inner five year old Maret had an immense amount of fun!!!

We stayed in Bundi a full three weeks and it was great. But now, it’s time to move on, see some more of Incredible India…

Bundi 2012

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