Homely Home

Sweet ladies and gentlemen. In case you didn’t know yet, and thought I’d fallen off the side of the Earth… I am home. Home sweet home. Homely Home.

I know this doesn’t explain why I’ve not posted anything recently. I didn’t really have a job to come back to, so there’d be time on my hands, right?! Well… I suppose it’s  meant to work that way, but really it doesn’t. I have at least two more stories to tell to keep in appropriate time-line and I have started on them, but somehow I don’t get really far. I forget my point, lost in memories, wandering times not that long ago where I was travelling. But I promise, the stories – including the one about me coming home – will be here soon, I just need to meditate on them a tiny bit longer… I promise!

5 reacties op ‘Homely Home

  1. Sharon schreef:

    Home as in…. hier thuis in Nederland????
    Dat meen je toch niet, ben je echt hier, betekent dat dan dat we elkaar snel weer kunnen gaan zine?
    Zoveel vragen ineens, wauw Maret!

    Liefs en dikke x vanuit Nijmegen

  2. Nathalie: Dat probeer ik ook van harte.. Shanti!

    Vince: Dank, tot snel…

    Sharon: Ja zeker, kom maar op met de vragen hoor, hier of via e-mail!

    Dikke Nederlandse kus

  3. Sharon schreef:

    Maret, heb je gister gemaild, maar weet niet of het nog hetzelfde e-mail adres is.
    Hoop dus dat ie aangekomen is en ik van je hoor.

    xxx Sharon.

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