I am Maret.

I’ve been writing since I was only little. The first story I wrote, was about Donald Duck and his frantic adventure when he had forgotten his tickets for a flight. Since then, my sense of suspense has grown and I have experienced lots of adventures myself!

I like to fill my days with riding a (/any) motorcycle, hot coco with whipped cream, parties, chilling at the beach, day dreams and in general spending time with my friends. After this adventure of a lifetime my outlook on normalcy has moved away from the conventional to include art, magic, creativity and fun.

After a year and a half of amazing adventures, crazy conundrums and laughing loudly and sincerely, the journey that is my life is taking a new turn. I have moved to England! A full time job, a house and hopefully a dog soon and traveling might seem like a distant memory, but it isn’t. It’s still very much with me, the people I’ve met and the experiences that I happened upon, I will take with me! I’m hoping to meet up with some of these fantastic travel friends now that I have a “base”. Friends and family are always welcome where I live, and this blog gives you a tiny peek into my little shiny life.

2010 is the year I started travelling. I started with several great journeys. London in december09, Stockholm january2010 New York in march10, Geneva july10 and Budapest october10. And then… Autumn 2010: I left for Australia! In search for adventure I’ve seen most of the amazing country before setting sail to Asia. Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and India were to follow in the next 8 months and in april2012, I came back and boy, were my parents surprised…..

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