Arriving in India

I’m in India! Almost one month already and still I can hardly believe it… A country that’s absolutely mad. Full to the brim with stares, questions and lots of smiles. Arriving December 26th, I start of in this country with a crazy journey to Goa.

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Okay guys, it’s been a while. After chilling in the 4000 Islands, in Laos, it took a very adventurous busride (again!) to get into Cambodia. You can read all about it here. It’s my second article that got published. Yay!

Anyway… Cambodia. It’s a lot more Americanized than I expected. Very well developed at the parts I’ve been to. Unfortunately I’ve not seen as much of the country as I would’ve liked, but other travelplans, itineraries and visa-applications got in the way. So, in this post I will write about all the different places I’ve been to in Cambodia

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Video Flashback Busride from hell…

An 8-hour local busride over a “really bad road” (although none of the roads seem very good, and everyone we ask keeps smiling, so how bad can it be), or going back on ourselves, making the same trip maybe a bit less bumpy, but also definitely with 2 stops and over 24 hours in the tourist bus that would be a lot more expensive. We’re about to find out how bad a “really bad road” actually is in Laos.

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The Luangs of Laos

After Pai we set out on an adventure to arrange the trip to Laos ourselves. There’s lots of companies that advertise taking you all the way there, but it´s LOTS cheaper, I repeat LOTS cheaper to do it yourselves. Just get tickets as you go along.  I took a minivan from Pai to Chiang Mai, then a public bus to Chiang Rai (because the bus to Chiang Khong was full). The next day a public bus to Chiang Khong and the short trip over the river. Presto. Made it to Laos!

I crossed the border with Laos and instead of going to south, like most, I went north.

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Life of Pai

Aaah the life of Pai. A small hippie town in the mountainous north of Thailand. Only 100 kms from Chiang Mai, this is a little get-away from it all. Except, a lot of hippie-backpackers want to get away from it all…

Nonetheless, Pai was amazing. Spending a week there was utter bliss. Amazing surroundings of mountains, blue skies and elephants appearing around a random corner. I loved it there!

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