Bangkok Bust!

So. After strange, hectic, but beautiful Bali, I was a little bit worried about meeting the rest of South East Asia. Was it all going to be the same? What about all the street vendors, wanting my money? What about the in-your-face taxiguys that surround you as soon as you hop off the bus? Of course all the countries are different, but Thailand, Laos, Cambodia… It’s a well-trodden trail, with lots of people coming in all the time.
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The trip to Java

After a great time on Nusa Lembongan, it’s time to make my way to Java. That’s where my flight to Bangkok leaves from anyway. It’d be a shame to miss it. This is the tale of two days of travelling in a slow hurry (tempo dulu).

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Bye, bye Aus… Hello Indonesia!

It’s been an terrific 10 months. 312 days in Australia. The exciting East Coast, mellow Melbourne, Team Eugene and of course the Farming frenzy. It’s time to go. See the rest of the world! And to start it all of, I go to Indonesia! I knew that there would be a cultureshock. Australia, after all, is like a warm England. A Western country, easy. But Indonesia is such a part of Dutch history, it must’ve been westernized a bit. Besides, Bali is to Australia what Turkey is to many people in Europe. An easy, closeby, warm beach getaway.
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