Hampi days

Don’t worry, be Hampi. A long, uncomfortable overnight sleeperbus ride from Palolem to Hampi (in another state) and I arrived early in the morning. Like, 6am in utter darkness. Not really knowing where to go, except “across the river”, I went to a little stall next to the bus station, for some masala chai. It seems like these little stalls are just open 24/7, there were some Indians as well. Maybe on their way home from work, or the other way around of course.

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Glorious Goa

Ahh Goa. State with countless beaches. Where travellers come for a little break and are mixed with package holidayers and Indian men who come to take photos of girls in bikinis. Kind of raunchy but great all the same. I got sucked into Goa for three weeks and I loved it.

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