What… What’s that lurking in the bush?

After the days in the ashram, the day I left turned out to be great. Next to the ashram is a lake, and me, Tom and new found partners in crime Jay, Devin and Natalie (we skipped Satsang and hid in the bush, they came looking for us with torches!) swam across and walked along the fence of the Neyyar Dam Safari Park. Just to go for a walk, do something fun. Jay and Natalie were just a little bit ahead, and then…
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Glorious Goa

Ahh Goa. State with countless beaches. Where travellers come for a little break and are mixed with package holidayers and Indian men who come to take photos of girls in bikinis. Kind of raunchy but great all the same. I got sucked into Goa for three weeks and I loved it.

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Travel Tuesday Holidaying in Exmouth

A holiday from travelling? How does that work? Let me tell you, it is great! We’ve been moving around so much, never staying in a place longer than a couple of days. And that was the plan in Exmouth too. Go in, go to the National Park there to see the famous Turquoise Bay and keep going. After all, there’s more to see and do!

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