Me carrying a calf "home"

Travel Tuesday The Job

June 14th 2011, as Eugene drove onto a dirt road (not our favourite pass time, I might tell you, due to Eugene’s fragility and previous encounters with wobbly, dodgy, sandy roads…)  I wondered if we were even going to make it to this new experience. Anyway, we got the job so off we gooooo…
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Travel Tuesday Oops, where was I?

When internet is not usually available, the laptop is being used as a tiny cinema to watch movies and even the phone is really just a clock. Time seems to go faster without me noticing. Days become weeks in just hours of time, or is that just me? Almost a month without an update. Oops… Where was I again?

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Travel Tuesday Holidaying in Exmouth

A holiday from travelling? How does that work? Let me tell you, it is great! We’ve been moving around so much, never staying in a place longer than a couple of days. And that was the plan in Exmouth too. Go in, go to the National Park there to see the famous Turquoise Bay and keep going. After all, there’s more to see and do!

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Travel Tuesday Western Australia part one

Oh and the snorkelling was amazing! But, I will tell you guys more about that next week, because first there’s the tale of how we got there.


WA (Western Australia) covers about a third of Australia, yet it’s got lower population numbers than any other state and tourism is only just on the rise. But by crossing the NT/WA border we’re that much closer to the West Coast… Right?
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