What… What’s that lurking in the bush?

After the days in the ashram, the day I left turned out to be great. Next to the ashram is a lake, and me, Tom and new found partners in crime Jay, Devin and Natalie (we skipped Satsang and hid in the bush, they came looking for us with torches!) swam across and walked along the fence of the Neyyar Dam Safari Park. Just to go for a walk, do something fun. Jay and Natalie were just a little bit ahead, and then…
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An Ashram Experience

I was right there. Trivandrum, only an hour away from Neyyar Dam where a highly recommended ashram is. And I was going to go. Really. But then, the night before, me and Tom got talking about motorbikes and decided to change our plans completely. I still can’t believe we were RIGHT THERE…

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